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Promoting Holistic Lifestyles: A Synergy of Traditional, Modern & Alternative Medicine Practices to Achieve & Maintain Optimum Balance on Your Unique Journey 


My mission at HAKU Wellness is to meet you where you are, without judgment, and dedicate my efforts to guide & empower you to achieve & maintain mental, physical & spiritual wellBEing goals. By providing Holistic models & services, we can offer an evolutionary experience, using a vast array of tools & techniques customized to support an agile approach to align mind, body & spirit connection!

Transformation starts in the mind with positive intention and followed by action... Are you ready to take your first step towards abundance & prosperity on all realms of your life?  Start by booking your Initial Holistic Health Care Exam today...

Visit our list of services to give you more information on any of the following:

  • Managing health challenges/concerns by identifying root causes, 

  • Choosing holistic lifestyle "tools" to support your vision & goals

  • Looking to de-stress, restore and rejuvenate, 

  • Assisting with pre/post-surgical care, detox massages, & body sculpting

  • Shifting limiting beliefs via Neuro Linguistic Programming & Access Bars 

  • Setting intentions, balancing & reviving your energy sources,

  • Exploring your higher calling, mission & purpose

  • Seeking intuitive insight & guidance or development

  • Blessings, clearings & protection for your self, home, office, land or vessel

  • Nervous System Balancing & Trauma Therapies

  • Water Therapies based sessions for Mental, Physical & Spiritual Healing 

  • Bio-Field Frequency Tuning & Vibrational Therapy

  • Unique Group or One-on-One Workshops & Retreats

  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Holistic Health & Nutrition

  • Holistic Wellness Programs

  • Ascension Coaching

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Guided Visualization & Meditation 

  • Chakra Balance & ReAlign

  • Energetic CranialSacral

  • Reiki

  • Raindrop Therapy Technique

  • Sound Bath Healing Therapy

  • Agua Ascension (Aqua Therapy)

  • Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

  • Crystal Grid Therapy

  • Intuitive Readings ( Virtual option)

  • Crystal Grid Therapy

  • Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression

  • Holistic Laboratory Testing

  • Medical Concierge

  • Online & In-Person Classes

  • Workshops & Retreats

  • Grounding, Clearing & Protection Rituals 

  • Plant Medicine Journeys & Ceremonies

Contact Details:
202-520-0847 or 561-376-2550


Shydeia C., Founder of Black Girl Magik

Working with Anabel was an incredible experience and she is extremely gifted in energy work. I was hesitant in receiving the session virtually, but it exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Anabel, for sharing your healing medicine with me.

Fatima M.

My experience with Anabel began with a Holisitic Health Exam. She was extremely knowledgable and provided so much insight  multi-dimensionally. She was gentle & compassionate. I felt like I was in a therpay session than a health exam. It was a very healing experience and I began seeing her regularly to explore alternative treatments like cranial sacral therapy, chakra balancing, reiki, crystal therapy & lymphatic  drainage for optimum wellness. Her hands & energy are soothing & healing and her compassion and love for wellness is contagious. I am beyond blessed & forever grateful to the universe for placing Anabel in my life.

Jay B. 

Anabel is an amazing healer. Words cannot express how she got my energy back into alignment and raised my frequency. I will definitely be going back. She is truly an angel that has blessed my life. Thank you for you help. Can’t wait until the next session.

LaToya D., Owner of Black Opulence Xperience 

Where do I begin? Anabel is AMAZING! I had lymphatic massages with Anabel post my surgery and she helped elevate a lot of hardness, pain and tightness in my back and sides. Every time I leave from having a massage I feel great!!! She is very thorough and explains everything. She’s extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to explain and or answer questions. She’s very flexible and just overall a great person. My recovery has been so much better since seeing her. My only regret was not seeing her sooner. I’d definitely recommend Anabel to anyone! You will not be disappointed!

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