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Anabel Arellano, LMT, CHHP, CNA/GNA, CMT, RBT

Wellness Consultant

Health Educator

Meditation & Sound Healing Facilitator

Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner

Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Nurse Technician

Licensed Medication Technician

Certified Holistic Laboratory Technician

Certified Hypnotherapist

Energetic CranialSacral Therapist

Agua Ascension Facilitator

Registered Behavior Technician

Ordained Minister

Reiki Master


Anabel brings a unique fusion of Colombian-American holistic alternatives & approaches as she partners with her clients on their unique healing journey. Her cultural heritage embraced holistic living through nature, cooking, conversation, music, and dance; the pillars of community. That perspective molded her foundation and mission to educate, empower & heighten awareness on the benefits of Natural, Alternative, & Complementary Medicine practices.

Anabel was born and raised in the Washington DC/MD/VA area.  In 2002, her desire to nurture others sparked an interest in the healing arts, so she successfully attained her Massage Therapy licenseShe later attended UDC in pursuit of a Nursing degree however, three months shy of graduating, she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s disease. After several failed attempts to treat her ailments with western medicine, Anabel’s personal healing journey led her to take matters into her own hands, focusing on holistic alternatives & modalities. She was able to beat the odds with astounding results which guided her to take a leap into a new career path.  Heeding her call, she was certified in Holistic Health Care & Nutrition. She became a true believer in the Hippocrates quote "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".


In 2014 Anabel attended a life-altering intensive shamanic retreat on Kaua'i , Hawaii, facilitated by Healing Drummer Toby Christensen & the honorable Dagara Elder, Author & Shaman Malidoma Somé. The awakening within her core & bones, connecting to the sacred land through community, ritual & ceremony, revived her aloha spirit. The Garden Isle of Kaua'i embraced and welcomed her home. This profound experience, nestled in paradise, allowed for a true integration of her intuition, skillset & passion, activating a variety of indigenous elemental healing modalities.  She had an opportunity to work at The Dolphin Touch Wellness Center and expanded her scope of practice with metaphysical services such as intuitive readings, energy medicine techniques, aquatic therapies & shamanic ceremoniesIn pursuit of continued spiritual expansion & growth, she traveled to Australia for several months, connecting with the aboriginal land & people, which awakened yet another layer of the ancient medicine she embodied. 

After several years of traveling abroad she decided to return to her roots in the DC Metropolitan area as a Holistic Health Consultant, Health Educator & Practitioner, for the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  Her unique holistic health care model approach creates endless opportunities to dive deeper for powerful shifts to occur, as well as achieve and maintain a harmonious platform for healing ~ mind, body, and spirit.

In early 2020 Anabel opened her own Wellness Center, H.A.K.U. Wellness, in the town of Mitchellville, MD.  She expanded her portfolio of services by adding BioFeedback Frequency Technology as well as other Sound & Frequency Healing services that support optimum lifestyle choices and divine wholeness.  She continues to work with local & international clients both in-person and by distance/virtual connections.

As of February 2022, Anabel & H.A.K.U. Wellness expanded services to the South Florida region, hosting workshops & events from West Palm Beach to Miami.  She is currently accepting new clients at various locations from Jupiter to Miami, as well as continuing to provide virtual tele-health & energetic distant healing sessions.


As an Ordained Minister & Priestess Anabel also provides services for Vow Exchanges & Wedding Officiations. She also performs Personal, Home, Office, Land & Yacht Clearings, Blessings & Protection ceremonies, available by request and considered on a case-by-case basis. 


In her free time Anabel enjoys aromatherapy, yoga, cooking, a good laugh & dancing 😊 Spending time in nature is one of her favorite ways to find balance especially hiking, beach or river adventures!​

Stay Tuned for Workshops, Events & Healing Retreats 

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